Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Morning Cuddles

This morning Kiera was watching sesame street alphabet and Ethan kept trying to get a hold of the VCR. Kiera went over and grabbed him around the waist to pull him down. I thought for sure that Ethan would struggle out of her hold but no, instead he sat there and watched it with her; and she kept her arms around him. It was cute so I got a couple pictures. i love to watch these two play together now. Lots of times I also catch them underneath the kitchen table just playing and laughing together. It is their little fort I guess. Hopefully I can catch some pictures of that soon.


Autumn said...

That's adorable! I'm glad they get along so well...I bet it makes your life SO MUCH EASIER!!

Glenn Family said...

What cute pictures! What a "moment" you caught! (ps I love that orange recliner... :) Ryan was so sad to see it go. He thought it was the comfiest chair. It was pretty comfy I have to admit)