Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hair Cuts All Around

Hey all, I wanted to let you know that I accomplished another goal of mine and that was to give my little boy a "good" haircut. I will admit it isn't perfect but it is FAR better than the last one I gave. I give credit to all the You Tube videos that I watched of people demonstrating. It made it so much easier and I had somewhat of an idea on where to start this time. A few more times to practice and I think we'll have it down. See how it turned out.
Here's the "BEFORE"
That hair will NOT stay down.

And by the way while I have this picture up....My husband Dan likes to come home from work and practice the piano. However he doesn't get much practice in before this happens. No sooner does he sit down to play does he end up with two kids on his lap trying to teach them "hot cross buns." Just another thing that makes me smile.

And here's the happy AFTER

I highly recommend the sucker! It does wonders when you are trying to cut a squirmy toddlers hair.

And here's the back

His hair still sticks up when it is dry but I think I am going to have to learn to live with it. Whether it is really long, or really short, his hair is just meant to travel to great heights.

Oooh and I almost forgot, I also cut Dan's hair a few days before this and then right after little Ethans I had to give Kiera hers. She wanted to have "Her turn" so so bad. So I got up my courage and trimmed her hair! AAAH! I have not cut her hair (besides bangs) since she was a teeny tiny baby and it was a sad day for me even though it wasn't more than an inch. Sniff Sniff. I love watching my babies grow but at the same time I wish it didn't have to happen so fast. 


Jenny-Jenny said...

Cute haircut. I like the sticking up little boy look.

Josh, Shauna, Allison, Brynlee said...

I am so jealous you are able to cut your little girls hair! I want to do that to Allison's if she woudl ever grow any!

Mom said...

Check the shampoo aisle for spray gel. I had some made by Suave that I used when they were here. It's light weight, but works well.