Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Place Setting

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year, so that gives me the opportunity to do what I love best. Be creative! and make something pretty. I decide this year to do something fancy with the place settings. We'll probably still be using paper plates but at least the napkins will be pretty. What can you do? I'd rather use paper when there will be 8 kiddos eating with us. And plus the clean up is sooo much easier!

So this is what I did.
I picked up some pretty leaves from the YMCA parking lot
after one of my nightly workouts and brought them home.

Then I put them all in a book for a couple nights
to press them nice and flat.
You could probably do it overnight and be fine too.

After they were good a pressed I took my Silver Sharpie poster paint marker.

and wrote everybody's name on them. It was also a good way to double check the number of guests that will be coming.

I absolutely love all the yummy colors!

After the marker was dry I couldn't help but try it out and see what they'd look like.
I had bought some berry garland at Michael's when they were having a 40% off sale. All I did was cut off pieces with my wire cutters and wrapped it around my cloth napkins for a festive napkin ring. Then, I stuffed the leaf stem underneath. Now everyone has a special seating card! I love how it turned out!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Jenny-Jenny said...

Wow! I love it! They turned out so nice!

Roeshel said...

So cute! A great idea to tuck away for when it's my turn to host Thanksgiving. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Autumn said...

That's beautiful Brit!