Friday, November 6, 2009

Recliner makeover update

I know it has been FOREVER! since my last recliner makeover update. To be honest...I have been putting that beast of a project off. But now that my hands have recovered from the last time, I decided to get it out again today. I am happy to say that I have officially taken apart the back of the recliner and am now ready to cut out the pieces from my fabulous red suede.

This project is definently taking longer than I had hoped but I didn't really know what to expect since I had never done something like this before. Once I get the pattern pieces cut out, and sewn together, it will then be time to take apart the final piece of the chair (the bottom half). We'll see how long that takes me huh? My goal is to have it done before December.

This is what I took off the chair, and what I will be using to make my pattern with. I can not tell you how much I have learned from this experience. And can I just say that old things were made incredibly well compared to a lot of what you can find today! Things were made with such quality. This beast is not going down without a fight.

Here is what my chair looks like right now.
Doesn't look like much does it...sort of scary.
But it will be great, I JUST KNOW IT!


Jenny-Jenny said...

Wow! Good for you. That is truly a monster of a project!

Mom said...

Make sure and re-secure the spring that is loose before reassembling. Have fun!