Monday, March 18, 2013

Rainy Day Photo Shoot

Saturday I had an itch to do a small project that I had seen on Pinterest to make a photo backdrop stand from some PVC pipe. So as soon as the kids had settled down for the morning I packed them in the car and went to Lowes to get my supplies.

I found an employee and he showed me where to get all my T-shape, 90 degree angles, and end caps, and then I asked if he'd be able to help me cut the 10' lengths of pipe into smaller pieces to fit in my car. Lucky for me I had written down all the measurements I would need for the completed project and this dear old man made every single cut for me! I had absolutely no work to do when I got home except to slip on the adapters and connect everything to make the stand. Can you say coolest project ever?!

So of course, once the stand was put together I just HAD to test it out (you know me). I got a bunch of shower curtain rings I had been saving, one of my white shower curtains, and had a mini photo shoot with the kids. It was the perfect rainy day activity too. I put the backdrop near an open window so it could reflect as much natural light as possible and went for it. Here are a few of my favorites.

 Notice the little barbie she has in her hands? This girl always is carrying around something with her.

The best way to get genuine smiles in shots with little kids is to have some silly face shots in between. And even these were fun because you can really see their real personalities.

I am looking forward to our Easter pictures we'll be getting done in a couple weeks! And if the weather doesn't cooperate we'll have this handy dandy backdrop stand to use just in case.

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