Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Cupcake Fun

I saw how to make these cute cupcakes on the internet the other day and decided it would be the perfect Sunday afternoon project to do as a family. So on Saturday night I went to the store and got all the supplies. I changed the ingredients a little since I am not a black licorice fan and added black icing to the list so the sheep could have ears.

All you need are:
mini marshmallows
tootsie rolls (warmed in the microwave and flattened)
candy eyeballs
black decorators icing
white frosting
gumdrops (optional for making girl sheep)
and chocolate licorice

Cook your cupcakes and let them cool. Swirl on your white frosting. Pile on the mini marshmallows. Add your flattened tootsie roll. With your black icing add some nose holes, ears and glue on some candy eyes. Stick a piece of cut chocolate licorice in the back for a tail. And if you want to add a bow cut a gumdrop in 6th's and place two with pointed ends together above the sheep's head. and Wha La!

We made a batch and took them around to all the neighbors in our cul de sac and wished them a Happy Spring Time. It was fun and the neighbors were impressed to be receiving something on a random day and not a holiday. And the kids love delivering goodies to the neighbors. It makes them feel good and its just plain fun!