Monday, March 11, 2013

The Girl's New Bunkbed!

So it's official. The bunkbeds for the girls room are finished! And I would like to take a minute to just brag a little and say that I did it all without the hubby too! This momma took on the entire job from start to finish!

I ordered the bunkbed online from Bed Kingz on Ebay and had it shipped to the house. It came right on time and I was so excited when I saw the 5 huge boxes it came in on my front step! I didn't waste a minute and I brought those babies inside.

Now being the impatient interior decorator that I am (amongst other things) I decided not to wait til my darling husband got home to start the project. Instead I hauled each of the boxes up the stairs one by one. Mind you...each of these boxes weighed well over 40 lbs and one was even over 70 lbs! This mama got her workout in for the day! I disassembled Kiera's bed and hauled it out of the room piece by piece and then opened EVERY box to find the instruction manual and hardware. Then I spent the next couple hours assembling the bottom bunk. 

I forgot to take a picture of the progress I made that day but I did take a shot of the bedroom with Kiera's bed taken out of the room. (excuse the bad pic quality)