Friday, March 22, 2013

Rods and Dogs Pinewood Derby for Adults

Tomorrow night Dan and I will be competing against each other in a pinewood derby of our own. Our ward at church is having a "Rods and Dogs" activity. It's a pinewood derby race and a chili and cornbread cook off. I will be competing in the chili cook off and I am pretty excited about that (I make some amazing chili) but I am even more excited about racing my very own car! It is my very first. I've always been on the spectator side growing up with brothers in scouting but I've never actually had the chance to make my own car before. It was a lot of fun.  Check out our cars!

Dan's Car
 "Bullet Bill" from the Mario Cart Wii game (Ethan had the honors of helping Dan pick the design) and yes I helped on the paint job too. Dan helped me hog out my car so I could put the weights in on mine. Fair trade if I do say so myself.

My Car
This is the "Zumba(R) Hourglass" (trying to go with the hourglass shape you can achieve by doing Zumba) it's a stretch I know but it represents me. This is a picture in its paint phase. I added a little Zumba (R) love once the paint and clear coat were dry.

And Wha La! Here they are all ready for the track. Wish us luck!

I thought it best to take pictures now in case we have a casualty at the racetrack...

I hope my chili will do well. I've won once before at our Halloween chili cook-off.  I hope I can do it again.

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