Friday, September 18, 2009

10!!!! Double Digits!

Wow! I never knew how excited I'd be but I love this feeling! Last night I was doing what I probably shouldn't do and stayed up WAY too late. I was doing one of those little things that makes me happy, which is blogging. Now it isn't the blogging that I shouldn't do. I love my blogs! However, the staying up part could do some damage. This girl loves to sleep! But this time around it paid off because guess what! I now have 10 followers! WOW. That made my day! I love knowing that there are other people out there who share interest in what I love, and let me know it! Thanks everyone! And thank you Tanielle! I'd love to send something your way JUST BECAUSE so if you could jet me an e-mail with your contact info I'll send something fun your way.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Congratulations my friend! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your duplicity!

Tanielle said...

Wow, it feels like Christmas!!! Trust me you will gain followers like crazy, you are adorable, and very talented!!! So glad I stopped by yesterday!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!