Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A little more motivation required

So, lately I've been taking on more projects than I have time for. This is not a good thing because I can't stand seeing a project half-way done. I feel like something is lurking behind me and the suspense is almost too much to handle. I want to see it finished! Ok ok, maybe it isn't that bad. It does give me something to do, but still, I don't like having things part-way done. I need to start one project at a time and wait til I've finish it before starting another. However, that is not the case this month so I will just have to go with it. I wanted to show you what I have been working on, or at least give you a peek, and then maybe that will motivate me more to finish what I started. So....here's my work in progress.

The Beast

I am in the process of re-upholstering this orange beast. It is a hand-me-down recliner from Dan's grandmother. It has driven me crazy from day one, and it is time to change that. I found a really great deal on some suede at Joannes Fabric, and am in the process of a (what I hope to be) grand transformation. It has turned into a little more work that I was hoping and I think that is why it is taking me longer to complete. However, now that you've seen it, maybe I will be more motivated to finish it so you all can see the completed project. What do you think?


Jenny-Jenny said...

You can do this!! I have no idea how to cover furniture but I know people who have. Good Luck, I'll be watching for the completed pics!

Mom said...

We have a really nice tan suede recliner in the store right now for $60. I'd say, buy a chair and leave the reupholstering to someone else--it's too time consuming and expensive for my liking. Good job on the effort though.

Kim said...

Well, I CANNOT WAIT to see how it looks with a new suede finish! You can do it! Are you going to keep the tufts in it as well, or just have the back be smooth? I have yet to put tufts on my reupholster projects... Finish it so I can see what an awesome job you did!

Sheila said...

Can't wait to see this!!! Yes hurry hurry hurry!! I want to see the big transformation!