Monday, September 28, 2009

Its a competition!

Ok, this is a totally random post from what I am used to doing but I thought it was post worthy. My hubby Dan works for a great company; and today at his work they started a "weight loss competition" Kid you not. Anyone who wanted to enter put in $20 and weighed in today. The incentive for doing it is that whomever looses the most percentage body weight in 2 months gets part of the pot. 60% goes to 1st place 30% to second place and 10% to third place.

Dan is always up for a competition and really gets into it to win!
It's all competition = motivation for him. But anyways, to encourage me to succeed in my weight loss goal he's letting me get in on the action. He's certain he'll place something and when he does; if I beat him percentage-wise I get to steal his winnings. And you all know where that money will be going....yep to my crafting! So wish us both luck.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Good luck! you'll do great!

Tanielle said...

What a fun competition!!! Good luck to both of you!(hope ya get the money for crafting):-)

I received my adorable cards and thanks sooo much!! I love them! You have a wonderful blog, and I look forward to reading about all your creativity!!!

Thanks again!!

Kim said...

WOW! That sounds awesome! Good luck, and I hope Dan wins the pot, but that you beat him- crafting NEEDS to be getting done!