Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ethan's 1st Real Salon Haircut

 Today after dropping Kiera off at preschool I decided to take Ethan out for a special Mommy/Son date. He has never been inside a salon before since I am usually the one who cuts his hair. But today I thought it would be fun to do something special. Plus, I needed a haircut too so why not.
Here's the before shot
He did SO good! Way better than he does for me. And he was so cute. He talked to the hairdresser the entire time. You could tell she enjoyed herself too. He even told her that when he was done he could cut and brush her hair. Too bad she didn't go for that one.

Here's a couple shots of the process. . .

I told her to leave it long on the top otherwise it will stick straight up. It was also reassuring that I wasn't the only one who has trouble blending in the sides with this kids hair. The hairdresser said it was because his hair was so fine that you can see every line. And she showed me a couple tricks. 

After the cut, Ethan got a sucker for being such a big boy and then he got to watch mommy get hers done. He even got to help when it came time to blow dry. He brushed one side of mommy's head while she dried the other. It was a fun little date for the two of us. And the service was wonderful! We'll be going back for sure!

Ethan really likes his cut too. He told the stylist that he wanted Buzz Lightyear hair. So I told her that meant he wanted it spiked in the front. What a cutie!

After our haircuts we ended our date with a McDonald's happy meal. I love spending one-on-one time with my little boy!
I still can't believe he is already 3!


Sheila said...

he's too cute - and he looks older with the buzz lightyear hair! :(

Mom said...

So cute! I want to see pictures of your hair too. Love and miss you all.

Shell said...

Oh, he's such a cutie!