Thursday, February 3, 2011

FHE craft time! Piggy Banks!

One of my kid's favorite part of FHE (Family Home Evening) on Monday nights is activity time. And most nights a craft is the activity of choice. And I for one am not one to turn down an opportunity to be crafty.

Recently we've been trying to teach the kids about money and that it doesn't grow on trees. It is really nice to go to the store and all I have to say is that we don't have money for something and that is the end of the discussion. This week we has a mini lesson money and decided that it would be good to give the kids a chance to earn a little bit of their own money for special things once in awhile. We aren't going to pay the kids for doing their chores but for special tasks we might make an exception every once in awhile.

So to go along with that, the kids were in need of something to put their earnings in. I wasn't in the mood to buy piggy banks either (those things can be spendy!) So we made our own. It was a lot of fun.

I found a link through Google for the idea and then winged it.  We used an empty bleach bottle and milk jug. I let the kids pick out a color and paint them (mind you we did this step a couple days before the actual FHE)

Then on Monday night the good ol' hot glue gun came out and I cut out ears from my felt stash, put on some googly eyes and a twisted pipe cleaner for the tail. Then for the legs Dan cut some pieces of the left over PVC pipe from our curtain rod project and we glued those on.
 While I was gluing Dan had a little counting exercise with the kids and then they got to put their 5 little coins into the slot.

 They loved it!


Bev Tank said...

Those are so cute! It makes me smile to see the great things you do with your kids!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

these are really cute!