Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Day!

We finally are seeing a bit of "real" winter here in Washington. Today the kids woke up to the magic white fluff! They were so excited! I woke up to the sound of, "Mommy, Mommy! It snowed outside! Can we go play in it?" So after breakfast we all bundled up and went out  for a bit. We built two snowmen, made snow angels, and attempted making a mini sledding hill in our back yard. And let me tell you that is NOT and easy feat at 9 month pregnant!

I went in after a bit and the kids stayed out there til lunch! They had so much fun! I just love snow days!

And trust me there was more snow than is pictured here. We just rolled it up into the snowmen and that's why the grass is showing. We're expecting more tonight.

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Erica said...

Great job on the lighting and exposure! Those pictures look great!