Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hanging in there

This month is dragging on and on....

This pregnant mommy is ready to loose this baby bump. Only 5 more weeks til the due date. But oh so hoping to be a tad early!

It is really sad when the only things I can wear are elastic waist skirts and pajama pants.

Not feeling very pretty lately.

Its hard to when the circles under your eyes keep getting darker, your lips are continually cracking with the winter weather, nothing fits, your running low on energy, and you keep finding new stretch marks everyday. I am looking forward to the days I can bend over to pick up that darn toy that I've tripped over for the bazillionth time, or roll over at night without feeling like I am in a weight lifting competition. I want to go for walks without my hips screaming at me, and I want to see the little miracle who's been kicking me.

I never took any belly pictures with my other two but I've seen a couple friends who have that look just lovely. I decided to give it a try (p.s. it's really  hard to take belly photos of yourself!).


For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I think your belly bump looks perfect! And speaking from recent experience..I know the end is filled with anticipation - but relish that kicking and that bump. Think about how you don't have to worry about sucking it in and indulging in a few extra cookies! Relish the fact that you and baby have this special time and you don't have to share it with anyone else. But most of all, enjoy the anticipation because it is a little sad when that part of the journey is over, even though the next part is pretty damn exhilerating too! EEEK! So excited for you!

Sheila said...

aww - you look adorable!!!
I can't believe you only have 5 weeks to go! WAy to go - you ARE going to make it momma!!

Glenn Family said...

Brittany, love your cute baby belly. :) We can't wait until the new addition joins the family. Take care of yourself in the meantime!