Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun Family Time

Today church was cancelled due to the snow. That concept is really strange to me being an Idaho girl. I mean it snows an inch or so and they even cancel school here. It is going to take some getting used to I guess. But honestly today it was a welcomed break. Don't take that wrong or anything but this pregnant mommy was glad she didn't have to sit in a dress and try to keep her knees together for 3 straight hours. I mean come on, you've been there... It is really hard to sit pretty when there is a giant bowling ball permanently attached to your belly.

So today we took advantage of the extra time and spent it as a family outside playing in the snow. The kids had lots of fun sledding with daddy on our "mini hill" of a backyard. It is perfect for our kids. It isn't too sloped so I don't have to worry about any bumps or bruises. And I had fun snapping pictures all morning.

So a little sledding and a little snowmen building after. Dan had the fun idea of creating a
3 Little Pigs scene in our new Lil Tikes log cabin. It was complete with the big bad wolf!
 notice the only way to zip up my coat is to unzip the side pockets

It was a fun morning and I always enjoy watching Dan play with the kids. Even if sometimes it can get a little out of hand. For example...


And After
Don't worry he didn't really hit him with that giant ball. He just got a little snow down his shirt.

But all in all a fun time with the family. Here are a few more shots from the morning...I had a hard time narrowing them down to the best ones. There were a lot of fun ones.


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Mom said...

Loved your comment about unzipping your coat pockets. Made me laugh!