Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ethan's 3rd Birthday Cake

My baby boy is turning 3 this coming week! He is pretty excited. One thing I like doing is making my kid's birthday cake special. However sometimes letting them choose creates a lot more work than I would have planned on my own.

This year while browsing ideas on the internet my son Ethan walked in and saw a few pictures on the screen. He said "I want that one!" And ever since then I wasn't able to talk him into anything else. So this year Buzz Lightyear Spaceship it is!
I love the way it turned out. Not too bad for going off a picture eh?!

Here's the site I got the idea from.
You should check it out. There are some really cool cakes on there!


For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

that is incredible! Super mama!

Anniesartbook said...

I'm glad you liked my tutorial. I just stopped by to say you did an amazing job! I have no doubt your son loved it!