Monday, March 9, 2009

Thinking back

I have a friend whose blog I read faithfully and her latest post convinced me to write about my past a little bit. Isn't it funny how we give names to things and in a way believe they are alive?
I did name my car once. I thought it was silly to have a name for a car and that only silly, obsessed men named their cars. But in high school it was no question that my car deserved a name. I had an old '76 Dodge Aspen that was painted maroon. You know the kind built like a tank and made of real metal.
It came with an AM radio and a broken drivers seat. So my mom and I fixed it up to make it suitable for a high school seniors pride. We put in an updated AM/FM radio (woohoo!) and fixed the drivers seat by putting an old camping foam pad over the top and buying some seat covers. We even updated the outside by replacing the old rusty hubcaps with some cheap plastic ones from WalMart. Pretty pathetic by today's standards but to me it was a "cool" car. Besides I had a car to call mine and that was worth it all by itself.
It used to be my grandmas car and she sold it to my parents who in turn let me drive it. I dubbed him "Forest" He never stopped running! He had his quirks and hiccups every once in awhile but he kept on going. Notice I gave it a boys name instead of the usual girls name.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Wow! I love to inspire. You made my day. Remember Forests friend, Jenny? I sat here trying to figure out how to spell my name the way he said it. I guess you're just going to have to picture it in your head, come on...say it out loud...Jeeeenni. I drove a little brown Isuzu Pup pickup. My friend Tammy drove a blue one just like it. Her dad used to tease us and say he was perfectly fine with us driving them because there was no way we would ever be able to pick up on guys in one of those. Ahhh

Bob Lazenby said...

Brittany, I never knew you ahd a name for the old beast. I remember you a your mother woking on during that summer getting the seat fixed. I also remeber the boyw from your work trying to help get the radio installed. But eventually you and your mother got the dashboard back in place.