Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where's your smile?

I have the nursery manual that has all the lessons in it that they already do in Nursery but we use it for our FHE lessons since it focuses more on Kiera's age and comprehension level.
This Monday we did the lesson on being happy. We talked about how when we see people smile it makes us happy and when others see us smile we can make them happy. We sang "if you chance to meet a frown..." and "if you're happy and you know it.." Then it was time to pray. Kiera wasn't cooperating and was whining and pouting so I reminded her what our lesson was on.
I asked her where her smile was. She still pouted...then I asked her if it was in her pocket. Still no answer....I said Kiera where is your smile (trying to get her to smile) She said, "in my teeth" That was pretty funny. Then I said, "let me see it. Where is your smile? Can you find it?" She said, "no it's in my pocket" It was soo cute that Dan and I started laughing. I then went up to her and reached in her pocket, pulled her smile out and placed it on her mouth, and TA DA she was smiling from ear to ear! " I found my smile!", she exclaimed. We were then able to say the closing prayer and everyone was happy.
Ever since then she tells us "I found my smile!" And shows us her smile and we tell her that it makes us sooo happy. I think it was a success. What do you think?


Jenny-Jenny said...

Sounds like a success to me. When our oldest was that age her favorite song was "smiley face" (if you chance to meet a frown) she would pretend to turn her whole body upside down.

Unknown said...

You're doing a great job Brittany - wouldn't life be grand if everything was that easy? Sometimes we make life so hard - and all we really needed to do was find our smile and put it on.