Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Day and The Life of a Strawberry

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to live the life of another? I am sure almost, if not all of us have wondered this at one point. But I don't imagine many of us have wondered what it would be like to live the life of a strawberry. Lets face it, not many of us would like to sit hours and hours in the dirt under the hot sun only to be destined for a PBandJ sandwich, or to be put into a pie, or to be mashed into a pulp to be poured on hot pancakes. Much to many things eat us up in this world as it is. Why would we want to imagine a life where being eaten up happened literally?

But just sit back for a minute and let me take you down that journey that not too many of us think about. The title is self explanatory. It is The Day and The Life of a Strawberry.

It all began with a pleasant evening around 5:00 p.m. I was doing the same thing I had been since the day I was planted here on Beringer's Farm. Sitting, growing, sitting, and growing. Trying my best to grow up big and strong and show my bright red color through those overwelming green leaves. I do have to say though, that those leaves sure do make for some nice shade on hot sunny days. When out of nowhere came these huge creatures. I had seen such creatures before, they were the kind that brought me to this place and gave me a place to stay and would even let me shower once in awhile. But not like these creatures today. These ones came with boxes and littler creatures who kept taking my friends and neighbors away with them. "I wonder where they're going to," I'd asked myself. But not too long and I would soon find out.

One of these littler creatures lifted away those shady green leaves and picked me up in her little hands. She sort of gave me a funny look and then put me in a box with my friends and neighbors. I was happy to be amongst familiar faces. More and more of our friends joined us and we had a good old time swinging and riding in this big box the creatures carried with them. I was very happy.

After a fun ride in the box we were all put in the trunk of the creatures' car and whisked off to their house. This is where all the pampering began.

First we were stripped down and given a nice soak in a giant green tub. It felt nice to be rid of all the dirt and dust.

Then we were all given a long massage and got to sit in a hot jacuzzi for awile. That was soooo relaxing! I felt like jelly all over.

Finally, a couple of my friends and I were given the luxury of napping on a buttery soft mattress with silky smooth covers. mmmm. I love being a strawberry.

So in the end I guess being a strawberry isn't all that bad. Lets face it, why wouldn't we want a life of luxury and the destiny to be nibbled on. Hehe.
If you can't tell I had a lot of fun writing this post.


Mom said...

You crack me up! Very creative.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Yup, It's time to write that book.