Sunday, June 28, 2009

My little shadow!

Kiera is definitely my little shadow when it comes to being creative. Lately she has wanted to do nothing but color, draw, and paint. The other day I was brave and got out my watercolor paints and let Kiera go for it. She had soooo much fun and stayed there forever concentrating on her masterpieces. Our wall in the kitchen is filling up fast with our little artist's work.

The joys of an artist! You can just see it in her face! I am so happy to share this joy with my daughter. It makes me sooo happy!

This one is by far my favorite of Kiera's paintings. She did it ALL by herself! Absolutely no help or direction from me. I think it is worthy of selling too! Anyone interested in purchasing a watercolor painting done by a 2 year old? All proceeds will go towards her college fund. I am dead serious too.
I will try everything I can to help my children find the joy in being creative. And it looks like so far so good!

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Mom said...

Great photos! Ethan takes after Tyler in the climbing department. It can be an adventure! The artwork is awesome. Maybe you should open up an Ebay store for Kiera and see what happens. Could be fun. Love you more!