Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stop number 2 Sililoh Park

Monday morning we all got up and packed the car for our journey ahead. The weather was beautiful and the kids had a good nights sleep behind them. And we were off!

We made stops along the way to stretch our legs and let the kids wiggle a bit. One of our stops was at a place called Sililoh Park. There we got the kids dressed and went and threw rocks in the Columbia River. Anything to do with water, Kiera and Ethan are all over it! Ethan kept trying to inch his way closer and closer to the water and Kiera kept looking for the perfect rocks to throw. You'll notice that Kiera is carrying the same puppy with her as she was while playing on Grandpa's tractor. She is in a stage now where she has to have at least one of her many treasures along for the ride.

After throwing rocks we went on the grass and had a snack at one of the shady picnic tables. Although, the kids were more interested in running around than they were in the food I think. I love the picture of Kiera peeking around the tree at me though.

The rest of the drive to Boise went amazingly well,and the kids surprised us with how well they did. We didn't really have any problems with them at all. As long as we made our scheduled stops everything went smoothly. I'll have to remember that for future treks.

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