Monday, June 8, 2009

The Graduates

The whole purpose in my trip was to support my little sister Kayla in her graduation. I can't believe she is already preparing to go to college. I feel soo old! Anyways, I am so proud of her and know she will go places! She has so many talents and is so smart. She was one of the valedictorians for her school and got to give a speech at the graduation ceremony. She also played her trumpet in the band there. She had the honor of doing a trumpet solo. WOW! I have no idea where someone her size gets all that air! She was amazing! I loved being able to watch her play. I've missed out on a lot of that since I'm married and live in another state. I am so proud of her!

Also amongst all the graduation hub bub we found out that one of my long lost foster sisters was also graduating! We got to go see her graduate and it was so nice to see her again. We wish her the best of luck in her future.


Mom said...

I loved reading all your updates about the trip. We need to do it again REALLY SOON and much more often. Let's see, possible dates: 4th of July and my birthday, Tyler's homecoming Sept 30th--or anytime in between or after. It's going to be a hard summer with all of the changes going on here, and being surrounded by family is a definite help. I love you more!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks sis. I get most of my artistic stuff from you, just in a different form I guess. I love you!