Monday, June 29, 2009

One little monkey

Ethan is our little spider monkey. He climbs EVERYTHING. I am constantly finding him here though. He always seems to make his way onto the top of the kitchen table. And what is is about eating the rocks from the bamboo plant? This has got to stop. I have had to find a way to blockade one of the kitchen entrances and cut off the other with the baby gate just so he wouldn't do it. He has taken a couple falls from here and it is pretty scary but it hasn't fazed him. Doesn't he look so happy?


Kim said...

What is it with babies being fearless? You'd think he'd be afraid to fall after having done it a few times before, but no. But Ethan definitely looks pleased with himself!

Unknown said...

LOL - Kara was my climber - I'd often find her up on the counters trying to reach what was on the top of the fridge (where all the yummy food was kept!) darn kid - amazing that she lived!