Monday, June 22, 2009

Strawberry Festival

Marysville is the City of Strawberries and this past weekend we went to the Strawberry Festival. There was tons of things going on! There were carnivals, fairs, car shows, kiddie parades, big parades, adult tricycle races.... etc. and fireworks. We went to a little fair in Asbery Field and Kiera was able to go on the giant bounce house slide a couple times. We got an order of curly fries that fed our entire family and then some, and we also got some strawberry shortcake. Dan insisted that we couldn't go to the strawberry festival without getting some kind of strawberry dish. It was very yummy!

After the fair we walked down to State Street to watch the parade. Our all time favorites are the infamous Cowboys and Pirates! Those two were probably the highlight of the parade for us. Also one of the kids favorites were the motorcycle police. I think the combination of lights, sirens, and speed was just right. It was pretty funny though when two of the officers crashed their motorcycles by complete accident! The crowd went wild! I bet they were so imbarrassed.

Towards the end of the parade we decided to head back to the car to beat the rush of people home. We took the kiddos home for bed, and I started working on my singing time presentation when we heard the fireworks start. Dan and I took our big green blanket outside and sat in our driveway and watched the fireworks shoot above our neighbor's roof. It was very nice and a pleasant way to end the day. I love summer time! What do you love most about summer?


Mom said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. I love and miss you all.

Anonymous said...

At least you live far enough away that the carnival traffic doesn't stop you from going out and doing things like grocery shopping. But the carnival is fun and I love it.