Monday, July 20, 2009

Company BBQ

This past Saturday the kids and I went to Dan's company barbecue without him (He was still traveling back from scout camp that day). The food was great and kids had a blast with all the activities. Kiera loved being with her cousins Florence and Kaleb and rarely left their side. One of the activities set up was a giant blow up slide. The kids spent most of the time going down that thing and had so much fun! I took Ethan on it once myself and was surprised at how many times the kids went down that thing. Climbing to the top was tiring!

Lets do that again!

Kiera and Ethan also enjoyed the ponies! Kiera went on them last year and knew exactly what to do this time. She went on a couple times since the line was almost non-existent this year. Yea!

Ethan also got a chance to ride. This was his first time on a horse (a real one!) but he did great and wasn't scared at all! If they have the ponies next year it will be fun to see him try it again.

Kiera hid behind me in this picture. It was getting close to nap time and she wasn't going to cooperate this time. Oh well . We had lots of fun, and mom was the only on who got burnt. I should have put sunscreen on at the same time I did the kids. I won't complain though. It was a beautiful day! The only thing missing was Dan. We are so happy to have him home again!

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Glenn Family said...

Wow, that looks like quite the company party. I can see why you wanted to go even when Dan wouldn't be there!