Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good news! and Show and Tell!

I am so happy to announce that Ryan Stockdale is getting the surgery he has been waiting for. The communities of the Treasure Valley and the Save Ryan Stockdale facebook fundraisers pulled together for him and were able to raise over $90,000.00 for him! We are so happy that this was able to happen and will continue to keep him and his family in our prayers as they go on this next journey.

But on a different note, I wanted to share some of the projects I have been working on and have finished this past month. I was able to a lot of them during the week of scout camp while Dan was gone.
Since I was getting ready to send a couple of them off in the mail, I decided I'd better take some pictures. I got most of the ideas from the Make It and Love It blog. I love her blog! If you ever get the chance you should check it out.

Baby Teething Rings

Nursing Blanket

Covered Wipes Case

Binky Leash

Baby Boys Nursing Blanket Clips

Covered Wipes Case

Girls Hair Clip #1

Girls Hair Clip #2

Baby Girl Nursing Blanket Clips

Binky Leash


Anonymous said...

Very cute projects! You did a really good job...wish I could do stuff like that! :D

Josh, Shauna, Allison, Brynlee said...

Just curious, how did you find out about Make it and Love it? Do you know Ashley? She is my neighbor and I absolutely LOVE her site!

Glenn Family said...

What talent you have! Those turned out sooo darn cute!

Kim said...

I love Make It and Love It too! She's so crafty. Your baby projects turned out great. I love all the colors in the fabrics that you used. Very fun!