Thursday, July 16, 2009

A new week

So this week has gone much better than last Wednesday did. I haven't had any more instances with honey jars or watermelon. Instead, the issue lies elsewhere (I mean that literally too). Nights have been very dull and quiet around here lately. Dan has been gone all week for scout camp. He won't be back til Saturday and it is still only Thursday. I just wish this week would end!

I have had a couple friends though who have been "the wind beneath my wings" so to speak (one friend in particular).When I've gotten to the point that I just need a time out, they've stepped in. I wanted to say thank you to them. You know who you are. Thank you so much for watching the kids for me and letting me have a couple hours to myself to unwind. You don't know how many times you've been there at just the right time, and have made my day so much brighter! Thank You!

I have also decided that I would not make a good single mother. I think I would loose my mind. I know I could probably pull it off if I HAD too but I am so grateful that I don't. I love my husband and appreciate all he does for us. I miss being able to talk about my day to him when he comes home. I hope he is enjoying his time at scout camp and look forward to when he comes home again.

Until then, it is lots of playing outside, craft projects, tiny field trips, and popcicles to keep the troops happy. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone, and if you get an itch for company my door is always open.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Thank Heaven for good intuitive friends and popcicles! Where would a mom be without them!

Mom said...

Hope that Dan made it back safely and that you're enjoying time with everyone being together again. I'm always open for company too--and have lots of extra beds. Come on down anytime. I love you.