Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not what I expected

Last night Dan took the scout patrol flags to mutual for the boys to work on. I was nervous about how they would turn out but was a little bit confident because I had left "suggestions" (more like requests) on the papers with the matching pictures on them. However, the boys didn't see my suggestions til after they had started and instead made some strange color choices. The flags weren't even half way done when Dan brought them back home and I was then left to finish them and make something of them. Grrrr. I spent the night working my magic on them and gladly made some promising progress. I touched up some lettering and worked out the color issues. In the end they weren't what I had envisioned but in some ways I think they are better. All I can say is that I hope the boys have the best darn flags up at camp. They sure took some effort on my part. Now all I have to do is let them dry. Sew up the sleeve for the flag poles and serge the edges. Speaking of which...Kim could I borrow your serger?


Kim said...

Seriously, what do boys know about being crafty? Hopefully Ethan will be better trained at making color choices. And you can totally use the serger!

Anonymous said...

At least the boys were some what interested in coloring something...and you did a BEAUTIFUL job on making the colors work.

Unknown said...

they look awesome!