Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The silver lining.

This past weekend was great. We relaxed and enjoyed the nice weather. But as soon as Monday came around the kids weren't doing very well. Kiera woke up in the morning with a fever and said her tummy hurt. Ethan was fine until he woke up from his nap and he too had the fever. I really hate it when my babies are sick. I feel so helpless and wish I could make everything all better.

However there is one thing I cherish when those sick days do come. When my babies are sick are the few times I get to cuddle and hold my babies like I did when they were newborns. I don't get to do much of that these days since the kids are much, much too busy to sit still and rock with mommy. Somehow when I sit there holding my babies and just rock in the quiet; it all makes up for the loss of sleep, yucky messes, and crying. I love the cuddle time that sickness brings.

The good news is that Kiera is fully recovered and we are just waiting for Ethan to catch up with her. It looks like he is at the tail end of this bug, so that is good.


Josh, Shauna, Allison, Brynlee said...

What sweet pictures! It is so hard when babies are sick but i totally agree that snuggling and rocking is so rewarding. I hope he feels better soon!

Kim said...

Great pics. Maybe that's why little kids get sick- so we can still snuggle with them? I truly treasure those moments when B falls down or gets hurt and wants to be cuddled for a little bit. Those few seconds (or maybe minutes) are all I need. And then I'm grateful that she can run off and keep herself entertained for a little while longer as I attempt to get things done around the house. Glad to hear Kiera is doing better, and hope Ethan is VERY soon!

Mom said...

Makes me want to take my baby "you" in my arms and make things all better. You're an incredible mother. Love the photos!