Sunday, July 6, 2014

February #3 Dan the Amazing Shrinking Man

After Christmas Dan decided to take control and loose some weight. The stress of long hours at work and being away from the family took its toll on his health and it was time to make a change. He decided to go with the MediFast program. Within the first week he lost 12 lbs and by the end of the first month he had lost 30 lbs. We are so proud of him and can tell he feels much better about himself.

People at Dan's work have noticed a big difference in Dan's weight as well. He is constantly coming home and will tell me that, "so and so said they had to take a double take when they saw me", or "so and so commented on how different I looked." I think the comments alone are good motivation for him. But not only do the comments motivate him but he has also entered into The Biggest Looser competition through our local senior center where I take Zumba classes. The grand prize is $1000!

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