Sunday, July 6, 2014

March #4 Trip to Boise

In March we took a family trip to Boise. We decided it'd be best to go earlier in the year since by summer time I would be too far along in the pregnancy to want to take a 8+ hour road trip. 

I was HORRIBLE at taking pictures on this trip. I guess I just got caught up in the moments instead of trying to document it all. Especially since we were there for almost an entire week. But we had a lot of fun while we were there. We got to see my mom (Grandma Tutu), brother Nathan, and my sister Kayla with her baby Alexis (she flew up from Colorado). We saw my Grandma Thornock, my cousins and my Aunt Melanie and Uncle Greg (they let us stay at their house for the week which was sooo nice too since my mom's house was a bit crowded with Kayla and Alexis staying there). We also paid a visit to a few others while we were there. It was good to be home for a little while.
We stopped by The Alps candy store just out of Leavenworth on our way. It has become tradition for the kids to get a big lollipop for the car trip. Ethan didn't want his picture taken. He was a bit grumpy but you can see his hand behind Kiera's shoulder in the top picture.

It was soooo good to see family again! I have been wanting to see my cousins and aunts and uncles for some time. But I really wanted to see my Grandma Thornock. Living so far away, I always worry that the last visit I see her may be my last. I love her so much!

Grandma Thornock with Baby Alexis. Isn't she the cutest little chunk you ever did see?!
Grandma and the kids. I hope she gets to meet our little one on the way too!

We were spoiled a bit by some old family friends (Dale and Kathi Lee) who let us come over and go horseback riding. The kids have probably ridden a horse more times in their life than I ever did by now. I wanted to get on for a ride soooo bad but decided it'd probably be best if this pregnant mom stayed on the ground this time. 

Isn't she the cutest! Well...both of them actually. Love you Kayla and Alexis!
We took our guns with us this time and took my brother Nathan and my sister Kayla out shotgun shooting in the middle of nowhere. Gotta love Idaho for that! It was fun to watch my lil sister shoot the shotgun. It was as big as she was. But for her first time she did pretty darn good. I really wish I had more pictures. Nathan shot my Grandpa's old gun and Dan and I tried our hand and throwing the skeet/clay targets (lets just say that throwing is NOT my forte). But don't you think we look HOT in our safety gear? That should count for something.

One highlight of the trip for me was our spa day for some pedicures. It was just for the girls! My mom, my sister, my Aunt Beverly, Grandma Thornock, my cousins Autumn, Courtney, Kelsey, and our kids, Kiera, Emma, Riley, and Leighton. It was so fun to see everyone lined up at the spa getting their toes done. It's times like these that make me miss being so close to my family.

It was a good trip and I think the perfect length of time too. My pregnant belly was ready for my own bed again. So until next time...

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