Sunday, July 6, 2014

March Emma's 3rd Birthday!

Puppy Cake! Puppy Cake! All I have heard lately is "puppy cake." Ever since January Emma has told everyone that mommy was making a puppy cake for her. She loves animals and last year she had a puppy cake as well. So we had to make one a bit different this year.

She loved watching me decorate her cake and she even helped place the eyes and purple beaded collar. We made it pretty simple but Emma loved it and that is all that matters. I love making my children's cakes even when they are a bit more intricate. I can only imagine the things they'll request as they get older.
I absolutely love Emma's face in this picture!

Emma's other request for her cake is that is be pink. So we went with a strawberry cake with some cookies n' cream butter cream filling. It was yummy!

Emma's party was very low key since the cousins were sick and couldn't make it. So we invited the neighborhood kids over for cake and presents.

Grandma and Grandpa Glenn made her day by sending a set of strawberry shortcake dolls. They even smelled like the different fruits!

Emma's surprise from us was a set of 5 or 6 different Disney princess dresses. I found them on MAJOR clearance at the Disney Store. I wrapped each one up individually and Emma's smile and excitement gradually got bigger and bigger with each one. It was so fun to watch. She is definitely my girly girl.

Emma got a cute little stuffed animal from our neighbor Maddie. Emma adores Maddie! And even though Maddie is in middle school she caters to and entertains Emma like nothing else. It's great!

Emma modeling her little mermaid dress. 

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! You are growing soooo fast! It seems like yesterday you were pronouncing the word "water" with "loo loo loo." We love you!
We've also been working a little on potty training. One thing I will say about this girl is that she is a STUBBORN one. No amount of stickers, candy, happy dancing from mom...etc.  seems to be doing the trick. I sure hopes she gets it soon. I really don't want 2 in diapers again!

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