Monday, July 7, 2014

May #2 Fun Times and Kayla Comes to Visit

Still Cranking out the Benches. Here's a bunch of the cut wood for an order of 2 benches we got set out to dry since it was still wet from the mill.
 While Dan and I were on our vacation in Kelowna, BC, Dan's cub scouts made bottle rockets out of 2 liter bottles and pvc pipe. So when we got home there were some left over materials and we decided to make some of our own for Family Night. The kids loved it and we set the rockets off for a good hour or so before having to head in for bed. I loved watching Emma try blowing up her pop bottle again for relaunch.

Isn't she adorable! Lungs aren't quite big enough but she sure did try.

Here I am at 29 weeks pregnant
For Memorial Day we hosted a BBQ at our house. We invited over a bunch of friends and had a good time. I saw this recipe for strawberry shortcake on a stick online somewhere and decided to give it a try. They were yummy and they disappeared fast!
We love the Oriental Trading Company at our house. Every once in awhile I will put in an order for a few different craft projects to have on hand for a rainy day or for Family night. Our last order came in and the kids had fun painting the little wooden lizards we bought. They wiggle back and forth too.

While Dan and I were away, my sister Kayla stayed at our place and watched the kids for us. Isn't she the greatest! I didn't even have to ask. I just told her we were planning a getaway trip and she offered to come up! FABULOUS!!! I was so glad she booked her trip to stay a few extra days after we got back so we could have some sister time. 
Alexis is the cutest little chunk! It was so fun to see her crawling around while she was here. The last time I saw her she was doing an army crawl/caterpillar scoot thing. She is getting so big!

You can't visit the Seattle area and not pay a visit to Ivar's so I treated Kayla to lunch there on her last day here.
I sooo wish Kayla lived by me rather than all the way in Colorado. It was fun to go shopping with her even when it was a simple run to the grocery store. Maybe one day I'll have my shopping buddy close. Just have to convince her husband Benji to find work up here once he's finished with med school.

No house guest of mine escapes without at least one evening of Zumba. Was fun to dance and sweat with my sister for the night! Yes I am still doing Zumba with my big belly.

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Glenn Family said...

Brittany-I love all your updates. You are such a cute mom. You do such cute things with your kids and your pregnant belly is so cute. You look beautiful!