Sunday, July 6, 2014

March #3 Projects and Random Fun Times

Spring is starting to come around! We have been having spurts of warmer weather and we are excited for lots of outdoor fun. Can't wait to get the garden in and enjoy the sunshine! But to keep busy while it is still a bit rainy I decided to get myself into trouble again and start some more big projects that I have been wanting to try. The first one is to create some lighting for our covered deck out back. I saw the idea on Pinterest. I the idea to one of my boards awhile ago and showed Dan one night as we were sitting around bored. And much to my surprise said, "lets do it." ???!!?! What? Really?!

So before he could change his mind we went out to the home depot or lowes and picked up supplies during one of our date nights. We got some brown extention cords, so light bulb assemblies and some short PVC pipe fittings. I had the spray paint, and the jars and lids already. And that weekend we got to work. It took a couple days but it wasn't long til my vision came to be and now we have some awesome lighting out back. They are so pretty all lit up and night and I can't wait to host an evening party out there when it gets warmer!

This month Dan and I started our pinewood derby cars that we'll be using to compete against each other in our wards annual "Hot Rods and Dogs" elders quorum activity. I decided to go with a jungle type theme this year and am calling her "The Hatari" (its from an old John Wayne movie). Dan made a Bad Piggies car from the game that stemmed from the original Angry Birds.  They are pretty awesome. But I know mine is going to win!

One evening for FHE we took the kids down to the end of the street to fly some airplanes we picked up at the Hobby Lobby. It was a little chilly but not bad. And the kids loved it!

This little girl is my little diva! She loves to dress up and pose for the camera. Love her!

Our Friend's Ben and Kara (lovingly referred to and Aunt Kara and Uncle Ben) had their little boy a little bit ago and they came over the other night for some dinner and games. Here's Dan holding the lil guy. Look at how much more weight he has lost too! Go Dan Go! Oh and BTW he won the Biggest Looser competition! Was pretty cool to win $1000 for his efforts! And he's decided to enter the next competition as well to see if he can win another $1000.

Anyone who knows me well, know that I hate brass! I do not like that shiny gold metal at all. So what does one do when her living room light fixture makes her cringe whenever she turns it on but doesn't want to spend a ton of money on a new one? She spray paints it of course! I took it apart and sprayed that brass away with my Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint I had in my garage and wha la! Good as new if not better! And I didn't have to spend a dime!

It has been a LONG time since I have made homemade bread. And with our Hot Rods and Dogs competition coming up where I will also be competing in the chili cook off and bread making contest I decided to brush up on my skills and practice a little. I decided to make my Braided Swiss Bread that I learned how to make in my baking class in college. Lets just say it didn't last long.

Here's a peek at my baby bump. I am officially showing and am getting comments and questions on when I am due when I am out and about.

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